Unapologetic Glamour: Manish Malhotra’s Summer Couture 2017


Ace designer Manish Malhotra is fast releasing his chic, classy Summer inspired collection. A delight to the eye and a confidence booster, his couture sure inspires many young designers to tread the unbeaten path.

Below is a peek-a-boo into his new collection:

1_Manish Malhotra Label Gown
Summer inspired gown with sheer neckline and floral threadwork
2_Manish Malhotra Label Gown
Glamour lies in the detail; this tulle gown with intricate floral embroidery is ready to hold proof for that
3_Manish Malhotra Label Gown
Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity and this lilac embroidered gown with plunging neckline will remind you of that
4_Manish Malhotra Label Gown
All a girl needs is some shimmer and fringes this summer. The bejewelled signature sheer blouse adds on to this aura of unapologetic glamour

The designer, who aims to put Indian craft on the global map with his creations, was recently invited by the Philadelphia Museum of Art to speak on the craft of Phulkari – an embroidery technique native to Punjab.

We love you, Manish!



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