“Acha bano, bade toh sab bante hain,” says Actor Pushkar Jog

Actor and producer Pushkar Jog speaks to Team Style Nut on his journey in the film industry and the new projects he is presently working on

Pushkar Jog_1
Pushkar Jog


You have performed as a child artist. What are the roles you have played since then?

I began performing at the age of four. Since then, I have donned the roles of a super hero, doctor, thief, spoilt teenager and a specially-challenged boy. Every role that I have played has diversified my career.

What have you learned about yourself since you became a celebrity? How has stardom changed you?

Celebrities are humans too. Also, I haven’t really seen stardom, so I don’t know what it is. I don’t want to know what it is. Yes, it is over whelming to be loved, appreciated and recognized. You feel humbled when people walk up to you at restaurants, airports and shops. It is overwhelming when people ask for your autographs or for a picture with you. But as celebrities, we must value and respect that love, for one day it will fade away and someone else would replace it. Being humble, kind and grounded is essential.

Pushkar Jog_2

How has fame changed you as a person? Do you enjoy having a giant fan base?

Fame hasn’t changed me one bit. Yes, I love attention. I am elated when people recognize me and I get disappointed when people don’t; but that’s part of the ballgame. As celebrities, we need to set good examples. Our fans follow everything we do – good or bad. And so it is very crucial to be a good human being. “Acha bano, bade toh sab bante hain.”

Would you date a fan?

I would go on a dinner date with her, but wouldn’t date her!

Pushkar Jog_4

What projects are you presently working on? Any new shows in the pipeline?

I am currently working on a Marathi feature film with ace film maker Mrinal Kulkarni. The film is a love story which she will direct and is scheduled to be shot in London. I am also working on ‘MAJHA around the world’ Season 3 – Dubai and ‘MAJHA around the world’ Season 4 in South Africa. The show will be aired on ABP MAJHA

What is your dream project?

Every project is a dream project for me. Getting to work is a blessing – whether TV or print.

Who is the one actor that inspires you?

Hritik Roshan

Where do you see yourself in the next 20 years? 

I see myself as a great husband, a good father, a proud son, and a simple artist who has contributed to not only media but also social causes. My aim is to celebrate and launch ‘Humanity day’ soon.

Pushkar Jog_3

Good luck, Pushkar!

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