Shah Rukh Khan wins us over as Bauua in the trailer of ZERO

The wait is finally over – the trailer of ZERO just dropped during a special press conference celebrating King Khan’s 53rd birthday, and has left us with an array of emotions.

Helmed by Tanu Wed Manu fame director, Anand L Rai, ZERO is the story of Bauua, played by Shah Rukh Khan who’s on the lookout for a suitable girl but in-turn finds himself torn apart in a triangle filled with both, love and betrayal.

A drama film with some outstanding VFX and editing, this trailer has surprised us by every moment.  Starring very talented actors, ZERO is the love story between Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, who’ve blown our minds away with their challenging roles. While we all knew that SRK would don the role of a dwarf,  Sharma takes up yet another challenging role as Aafia, a specially-abled girl with parkinson’s. Kaif’s ruthless and badass avatar as a superstar is something which we’re completely taken aback by. 

If there’s one reason to watch the movie, it surely has to be to watch this trio reunite back again with such defying roles. The three actors were last seen together in Yash Chopra’s, Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

The ending of the trailer is what leaves the audience baffled. Portaying a sci-fi genre angle with a rocket taking off, we are left wondering what the story truly narrates.

Well, we’ll only have to wait for the movie, which is set to release on 21st December, 2018 to find out what Bauua is actually after – Aafia, the Bollywood star or the rocket. 


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